Bjergsen Retires And Becomes The New TSM Head Coach
By: Darren Belgrave | October 24, 2020
An end of an Era for the LCS. Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg has retired after competing as the star midlaner for TSM's League of Legends team for 8 seasons. Bjergsen changed the LCS landscape when he arrived in North America. The beginnings of his professional career were humble. In 2013, he...
5 Fights That We Never Got To See In MMA
By: Darren Belgrave | October 27, 2020
With the dust settling after UFC 254 and the retirement of Khabib Nurmagomedov, one can not help but think about all the great Khabib matchups that we will likely never see. Unlike in the sport of boxing, MMA has fortunately managed to make many of the dream fights happen when...
Jonathan Majors In Ant-Man 3
By: Darren Belgrave | September 17, 2020
Reportedly, this will be the Kang the Conqueror's introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ant-Man 3 is expected to be released during MCU's Phase 5.
Nigeria's Police Brutality Problem is Larger Than SARS
By: Darren Belgrave | October 16, 2020
Nigerian protesters refuse to disband their protests against police brutality. The activists and campaigners have marched daily for a week demanding true action against a system that produces corrupt and violent officers. Anit-police brutality protests have continued to persist despite authorities agreeing to disband the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). The...
Oculus Now Requires A Facebook Profile
By: Darren Belgrave | August 18, 2020
Virtual reality targeted adds coming to a device near you. In a move that is unlikely to be popular with Oculus users, Oculus accounts will soon require users to sign up with a Facebook account. The virtual reality (VR) device will work without a Facebook profile until January 1st 2023....