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Amazon's New World MMO

New World is the open MMO RPG PC game being developed by Amazon Games. The Beta will be open next month to those who pre-order the game. New World is set to release on August 25th. New World is set in the unknown landscapes of Aeternum, The design team for New World includes World of Warcraft and Destiny veterans.

The trailer looks incredible and is posted below.

Amazon’s New World – Official Trailer


The new combat system was announced as well as several videos demonstrating the weapons, mechanics, magic and combat. The game already has 10 armor sets. There are also core trinkets, and defense trinkets made out of different materials.

One feature that the developers have introduced is settlements. Settlements provide faction missions that allow for the settlements to be upgraded.These settlements need protection, and can be protected by forts. As of now there are one of 3 factions in the game, and they can be joined at level 10.

Those corrupted by the darker side of the energy are known as the corrupted. If they have enough strength within a territory they may attack forts. Those attacks are called invasions. These invasion events require a minimum level of 50, and players are selected randomly. If a fort is taken upgrades within the settlement may need repairing or may be destroyed all together.


The corrupted creatures of Aeternum will need to be culled by the brave adventurers of New World. Take on massive boss battles with faction members to advance through the mystery surrounding the mysterious land. To advance through the game, grinding levels, finding armor and crafting will be important activities to adventures within New World.

Amazon's New World
Amazon’s New World


There is a unique energy within New World called Azoth. There are even structures called Azorth Wells littered throughout the world. New World developers describe Azoth as;

“Azoth has very clearly the power to magnify the lifeforms around it. You’ll be meeting living creatures that are more beautiful, more grandiose than they were before. But you’ll also quickly discover that there’s a dark side potentially, to what Azoth does to the things around it.”

New World is bound to make serious waves in the MMO space, hopefully it avoids the pitfalls and problems that plagued games like Elder Scrolls Online.

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