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razil Crosses 1 Million Covid-19 Cases

China, India, Russia Brazil is now second only to the United States in reported Covid-19 cases. The South American could no longer mask the severity of the pandemic as the country is approaching 50,000 coronavirus related deaths. displays the number of reported coronavirus cases, deaths, recovered cases around the world. The information is provided by each country and in many cases is a measure of infrastructure and government transparency.

Here is the link for Brazil:

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has been against most social distancing measures, and has devalued the severity of the disease since Brazil’s first confirmed case on February 26th.

Problems Beyond Covid

Brazil was facing hardships before the advent of a global pandemic. Brazil has suffered from severe corruption for decades, and the socio-political has worsened since Operation Car Wash. In short, Operation Car Wash was an investigation into the corrupt business practices of top politicians as well as Petrobras and construction firm executives. The largest construction conglomerate Odebrecht was bribing officials to secure contracts across South America. The conglomerate’s former CEO Marcelo Odebrecht is currently serving 19 years in prison for corruption. In July, 2017, former President Lula da Silva was found guilty of corruption, and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Another high profile case of political corruption arose when Dilma Rouseff was found moving funds between government budgets. She was removed from office in August 2016.

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