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Conor McGregor retires for the 3rd time in 4 years

Conor McGregor announced on social media that he will be retiring from the sport of MMA immediately after UFC 250. It is unsure whether or not this is simply a part of his negotiation process. The retirement appears somewhat timely, as several other fighters have recently requested to be released from the UFC.

There was talks for an interim 155lb title fight between Justin Gaethje and Conor McGregor. Apparently, Conor was not happy with a potential long wait to get the fight. Gaethje seems unbothered either way and was happy to throw a jab via twitter on the news of the announcement.

Proper 12 Whisky, Conor’s whisky brand, is widely successful and may eliminate his need to fight for financial reasons. It is hard not to be skeptical. This is not his first retirement via Twitter. Conor was also quoted saying,

“The game just does not excite me, and that’s that. … I had my goals, my plans, the season. I had everything laid out. … I don’t really give a fuck. I’m over it. We’ll see what the future holds. But for right now, for the immediate future, 2020 – all the best to it.”

It seems like he is still leaving the door wide open. Also, retiring on social media feels too small for the Notorious One. One would imagine a week long retirement party in Vegas and Ireland if he was truly ready to hang up his gloves.

McGregor always has appeared to be cognizant of legacy. Despite his outlandish persona, he never seemed like an individual who fights purely for money. Whether Conor is truly retired or not, it does leave another major star in the wind. Hopefully, he could be convinced as a fight with Justin Gaethje would be phenomenal.

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