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Doublelift criticizes LCS Production

Doublelift is the most player with the most League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) championships (7) in the world. He is known for having a strong opinion on all things League of Legends. This was not in short supply after the latest round of LCS production problems. The TSM AD carry blasted the LCS broadcast changes in a series of tweets. In one tweet he stated,

“It’s actually Impressive how it was possible for someone to make every wrong decision and make LCS worse to watch,”


This is a fair criticism. The general aesthetic of the overlays used are not cohesive nor visually appealing. This visual ambiguity his mirrored by the banter provided by the analyst desk. This is so unfortunate, as there are very talented and thoughtful individuals on the analyst desk as well as the LCS broadcast. The dynamic feels flat, scripted and contrary to dialogue from the other leagues. This brings us to a great analogue in the LEC.

The League of Legends European Broadcast (LEC)

Friday Night League is especially confusing. The entire tone of the broadcast is in stark contrast to everything has been produced before. The League of Legends European Broadcast (LEC) has created content that is lighthearted and meme oriented which resonates with the fans. The LCS appears to have taken the broad strokes from the LEC while ignoring the steps required to produce a cohesive product. In true NA fashion, the idea was copied without truly understanding what made the other region successful.

Covid-19 certainly makes producing a live broadcast challenging. The logistics of coordinating a live event while the majority of the talent are working remotely must be a daunting task. The LEC however has still managed to create wonderful content in spite of the coronavirus induced limitations.


Too Easy To Blame Sushi Dragon

“if the broadcast is consistently making mistakes with the overlay, showing the wrong Fiddle build, wrong replay, cringe “freestyle” rap, and then ends it with SushiDragon, it feels like a clown show. in another context showing nic”


Sushi Dragon is an accomplished and talented content creator. He creates a very specific style of content that pushes the streaming space in a very creative and innovative direction. However, between the production mistakes, and his unique brand of content, the production fails to create a single cohesive vision. Instead it feels like several pieces of live content hastily stitched together. His content is almost the antithesis from all other aspects of the broadcast. This produces a jarring and disjointed viewing experience.

Where’s Ovilee May

“Ovilee has 10x better understanding of what’s funny/entertaining than the boomer running LCS which is prob why she’s not on broadcast this split”


Doublelift also criticized the LCS for letting go of Ovilee May. She has created unique content for several of the professional organizations. Her content often resonates with the majority of the fan base. Her videos are funny, creative and do not require a significant amount of resources to produce. So it is baffling that the broadcast actively chose to not utilize her unique skill set.

Hopefully, the LCS production finds their footing for the summer split. They have created wonderful broadcast experiences in the past and have the capability and the resources to re-reach that same level of excellence.

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