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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is arguably the best game Sierra ever made (and yes, even that includes Kings Quest). GK is point and click adventure set in the city of New Orleans. This psychological thriller’s success is heavily based upon it’s fantastically stylish writing. Gabriel Knight was released in 1993. Very few games in the early 90s touched religion on a deep level, let alone Voodoo, Hoodoo, occult and sacrificial practices.


The game follows the life of Gabriel Knight, author and owner of St. George’s Bookstore in New Orleans. Though our charming protagonist Gabriel starts out researching Voodoo for his new book, his pursuit unwittingly places him at the epicenter of a dark and supernatural mystery. Spend each day exploring the French Quarter, solving puzzles, and interviewing darker and more suspicious characters. Follow Gabriel as he delves deeper into the mysterious world of the occult.

Gabriel Knight and Dr. John - Voodoo Museum
Gabriel Knight and Dr. John – Voodoo Museum

Game Play

The dialogue is rich, mature and witty, which adds depth to the characters. This also creates a more engaging experience, and heightens the relationships between the characters. This is exemplified in the sexual tension between Gabe and Grace/Malia. Master storyteller Jane Jensen has written a story, wonderfully layered with mystery. Her writing prowess becomes increasingly palpable through the richness and ominous undertones of the interviews. Few games have me wanting to pay attention to every line of dialogue from beginning to end, but this is certainly one of them. The voice acting in the original game is also very strong, and compliment the characters backstory thoroughly. The conversations between characters are fantastic and entertaining as the charismatic novelist rely’s on wit, investigative abilities and charm to navigate the games complex puzzles surrounding the city’s Voodoo Murders for his new book. Sadly, Tim Curry (the original Gabriel Knight), Mark Hamill, Michael Dorn and others were not able to re-record their voices for the 20th anniversary edition, and their voices are sorely missed.

Final Thoughts

Those who choose to play the original version of Sins of the Fathers on modern machines, may endure minor glitches or be turned off by the heavily pix-elated graphics. Some of the animations in the remastered version are cumbersome at times which makes navigating a bit difficult. Lastly, why did they change Gabriel’s look? His aesthetic is a downgrade, and certainly reduced his cool factor when compared to the original. Minor grievances aside, this game is an absolute classic. For those who are looking a deep and compelling story wrapped within an atmospheric point and click adventure, then this is the game for you.

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