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Mike Perry Only Wants Girlfriend In Corner at UFC Fight Night

Mike “Platinum” Perry ( 6-6 UFC, 13-6 MMA) is only using his girlfriend in his corner for his co-main event at UFC Fight Night. Perry used to have his former wife Danielle “The Platinum Princess” Nickerson corner him throughout his career. Latory Gonzalez, Perry’s new girlfriend, will provide all cornering duties for his fight versus Mickey Gall (5-2 UFC, 6-2 MMA).

Video recently surfaced of Latory Gonzalez holding pads for Mike, and Perry has stated that she has been integral to his training process. On Twitter Perry writes, “Think about now cuz that’s what we got. My girl motivated me years before I even met her. I knew she was coming one day and that’s what got me into the @ufc , I lost sight and she finally came to motivate me. She is my god and I worship her. It is my honor to fight for @latory_g.”

Mike “Platinum” Perry via Twitter

Mike has recently stated how to many opinions have produced negative results inside the octagon. His desire is to return to the processes that got him to the UFC in the first place.

Mickey Gall however had choice words for the Perry in a recent interview with MMA Junkie. Gall said “I don’t think it’s a very bright idea but I don’t think Mike’s the brightest guy.”

Interestingly enough, Perry is still a massive favorite (-310) against Mickey Gall (+280) for tonight’s co-main event. Circumstances aside, it would appear fight betters are still valuing Perry’s power and durability above the grappling game of Gall. Even if Perry uses his Gonzalez as his sole corner person, he still has fought significantly tougher competition than Gall. Mike tweeted, “All of my opponents have been top tier for the past 3 years. The best welterweights out there. So I’ve struggled a bit. To have a weak ass opponent like @mickeygall for a real paycheck is a dream come true. Lol thanks @urc.

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