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One Officer Involved in Breonna Taylor Murder Is Fired

Louisville Metro Police fired officer Brett Hankison. He was one of the officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor. Two of the other officers still remain employed. Breonna was killed in her own home when police broke into her apartment without a warrant and shot her eight times. The police were apparently conducting a drug sting, like that is somehow an excuse for entering the wrong apartment and murdering a sleeping woman.

Mayor Greg Fisher tweeted that the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department initiated the termination of Brett Hankison.

It has been over two months and there have been zero charges against any of the Louisville Metropolitan Police Officers. Brett Hankison was previously reprimanded for other policy violations and has a history of alleged sexual misconduct. The police officers involved in George Floyd’s case are finally facing charges, yet these officers are still walking free. The LMPD Police Chief Steve Conrad has also announced that he would retire at the end of June. There is even evidence of a cover up. The police report indicated that the body did not even make it to the hospital.

Breonna Taylor has been a prominent name in the protests against racist police brutality. She is another black victim of police brutality and racism in the United States. She was a 26 year old first responder, who was murdered, and her killers are still free men. Taylor’s family have filed a lawsuit for charges of assault and battery, wrongful death, excessive force, negligence and gross negligence. Though no monetary nor material reward will ever equate compensation or bring their daughter back. However, it would at least represent a small step toward atonement.

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