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Police Officer Who Fatally Shot Rayshard Brooks Charged With Murder 2

A former police officer from Atlanta, Georgia has been charged with murder after fatally shooting Rayshard Brooks. Brooks was shot in the back and killed last Friday by Former officer Garrett Rolfe in a Wendy’s parking lot.

This case has become apart of the global protests over American police killings of black Americans.

A police body camera shows a relatively calm conversation for more than 40 minutes before the altercation occurred. Brooks had consented and failed a breathalyzer test. When brooks was placed under arrest, he began to resist the officers. The footage appears to show Brooks punching former officer Rolfe. Then Brooks grabbed the Taser from one of the officers and then attempted to flee. Brooks aimed the Taser over his shoulder, it was then when Rolfe fired the two killing shots in the back of Rayshard.

Rolfe is set to face 11 charges connected to the incident. These charges include felony murder, criminal damage to property, aggravated assault charges, and violations to his oath according to WSB-TV. Brosnan will become a cooperating witness for the state, Howard said. This would make Devin Bronsan one of the first Atlanta police officers to testify in such a case. 

1,000 protesters arrived at the site hours after Brooks’ death. Rayshard’s death also led to the resignation of Atlanta’s chief of police. The Wendy’s was set on fire in response to Mr. Brooks’ murder.

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