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The Trump Tulsa Rally: How to Mask Problems Without a Mask

Keep America Great

Droves of Trump supporters will flood Tulsa, Oklahoma for his first campaign rally since Covid-19. Hundreds of supporters will group together to celebrate their beloved President. As anything else in America even a global pandemic is ripe for politicization. Many on the country’s political right have protested against quarantine measures and the obligatory use of masks. So, the majority of the rally’s patrons will be in attendance without masks. Trump’s administration has also stated that they will not enforce the use of masks. However, it is doubtful that President Trump will enter into the crowd to shake hands and kiss babies. The rally is expected to have full attendance, while coronavirus cases continue to increase across America. In fact, Oklahoma reported its second day of record breaking coronavirus cases. Many Trump supporters are self described “non-believers” in Covid-19, others may not think it is as severe as several virologists have previously stated. Regardless of their viewpoints on coronavirus, this rally shall be a significant moment in Trumps Presidency.

The sheer notion that individuals would put themselves in harm’s way is an indication of how unified Trump’s base has become. These die-hard supports place Trump’s political success above their own health. Perhaps, they put their vision and hope for America above their well being. Therefore, the intention is not to disparage individuals so steadfast in their beliefs, no matter how disagreeable. To vilify a group who want a better life for themselves is wrong regardless of political leaning. Nevertheless, his base is a phenomenon that is here to stay, regardless on a Trump win or a Biden win in late 2020. This also suggests that Donald Trump may not be the last Trump who runs for or wins the Presidential nomination. Biden will never have the fanatical support that Trump has created.

President Trump will undoubtedly indicate how he created the greatest economy the world has ever seen. Covid-19 be dammed, the 19,000 seat BOK center will defiantly cheer and high five in celebration as he promises to rebuild the economy to its former glory. He will exalt the stock market highs, the Nasdaq after all hit 10,000 for the first time in history last week. ignoring the 4 trillion stimulus injections from the fed which will damage the long-term economic health of the United States for decades. Chants of “USA, USA” will echo through the arena as Trump reminds the adoring crowd about his 2016 Presidential win. Resounding boos will emanate from stands each time Crooked Hillary or the Mainstream Media are mentioned. The Rally will be truly be a success, and a win for America in the eyes of his fans.

Beneath The Mask

The aftermath of the Trump Tulsa Rally however will certainly be fascinating. There is still no Covid-19 vaccine, nor will there be for some time. Many individuals at the rally today will get the coronavirus, and sadly a few of those most susceptible will die. Countless American small businesses across the country are destined for chapter 11. instead, Trumps administration prioritized the support of large financial institutions, airlines, and cruise ships. More than 35 million Americans who lost jobs from the quarantine have not received their stimulus checks from the government. As many American have their health insurance tied to their employment, citizens across the US no longer have health insurance during a global pandemic. Farmers (soybean farmers in particular) are still devastated from the effects of his trade war with China.

Protests have swallowed the country and have spread to countries around the world. Reason suggests that there will be minimal positive statements regarding Juneteenth, the protests, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement. The rally is on the weekend of Juneteenth which is the holiday that celebrates the end of slavery within the United States. Tulsa, Oklahoma has a detailed history of slavery and systemic racism. Trump claims to have done more for the black and brown citizens of the United States than any other President in history. Yet, it is unlikely they will get many words of support tonight in Tusla, or ever.

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