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UFC on ESPN 12: Recap

Dustin Poirier vs Dan Hooker

UFC on ESPN 12 did not disappoint. Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier vs Dan “The Hangman” Hooker will be one of the best if not the best fight of 2020. It was 25 minutes of high level violence, with both fighter showing an incredible amount of heart. After winning that incredible five round war, Dustin Poirier is on the top 10 most UFC wins list with 18 victories inside the octagon.

There were a few questions surrounding both fighters coming into this fight. After coming off a loss to lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, it was fantastic to see Poirier come back in peak form. As for Dan, he was coming off a win versus Paul Felder, in a fight where many thought Felder won. However, both fighters came in peak condition, laid it all on the line, and gave everything they had for 25 minutes. After that fight, who wouldn’t want to see the Dustin Poirier versus Tony Ferguson. As for Dan Hooker, it was great to see him rise to the elite level of competition put before him. Though Dan Hooker is young, it is concerning to see how much damage he takes during his fights. He is a young, exceptionally talent fighter, so hopefully he can take some time to regroup and recover before his next fight.

Mike Perry vs Mickey Gall

Unsurprisingly, Mike “Platinum” Perry was just too experienced and to strong for Mickey Gall. At first, it did appear that Perry was a bit slow during the first round. A lot of his shot simply were way off target. However, in hindsight, he was most likely pacing himself as most of his shot were haymakers. Plus, if Perry did not have a lot of opportunity to spar against top competition, this strategy would make sense. Surprisingly, Perry also handled Gall on the ground, which was really unfortunate for Mickey, as that was probably his only path to victory.

As funny as it was to see his girlfriend as his only corner person during the fight, it still was not completely terrible. Unlike Ronda Rousey’s old head coach Edmond Tarverdyan only yelling “Head Movement” for her entire fight, at least Latory Gonzalez knew when not to say anything. Often saying the wrong thing can be worse than saying nothing at all. Plus, being in some one’s corner, let alone your partner, would be a challenging experience for anyone. Not saying it was a wise decision by Platinum Perry, just that in MMA, we have seen a lot worse. Maybe, corners are not as important as conventional wisdom suggests.

Luis Peña vs Khama Worthy

People need to start taking Khama “The Deathstar” very seriously. Pena was a heavy favorite going into this fight, but Worthy demonstrated a formidable well rounded game. Khama submitted Luis “Violent Bob Ross” Peña (one of my favorite fighter names) via guillotine choke in the third round. For the gamblers out there, if you had picked The Deathstar by submission, the odds were +2700.

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