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Biggest Questions After Dark Season Finale


The season finale of Netflix’s Dark is finally available, and it definitely did not disappoint. Dark is a nuanced drama, that employs paradoxical complexities to explore the human condition. The original German production by Netflix A third “Origin” was immediately a fan favorite. Season 3 had several mysteries to resolve for this final season. One major twist was the introduction of a third “Origin” world. This world represented a possible escape from the cyclical prison. Jonas and Martha eventually discover that travelling to the third reality will destroy the knot created by H.G. Tannhaus. Many of the mysteries were answered thoughtfully. However, there are other burning questions that were left unanswered.

How Does The Stranger Become Adam?

Eventually, we learn how Jonas becomes the Stranger. The stranger is then supposed to become Adam. Adam is the leader of Sic Mundus, a secret society of travelers . Sic Mundus are also sometimes referred to as the Travelers throughout the series. Though Adam desires to break the cycle, his actions inevitably lead to its perpetuation.

There is never a specific moment where the Stranger becomes Adam. Perhaps, the scene where the Stranger is burned during an unsuccessful attempt at creating a time machine, is foreshadowing of Adam’s severe facial burns. Or maybe they are radiation burns from the nuclear blast. The scene itself however, is never shown. Characters throughout the series state that time travelling has “Taken a toll” on Adam. Not just physically either, as he much darker and cold than the Jonas or the Stranger. However, Claudia is neither scarred nor unfeeling like Adam.

We also never see the moment in time where he sheds his birth name Jonas for the biblical name Adam.

Was The Knot Truly Undone?

Jonas and Martha traveled to the third world in an attempt to untie the knot that connected the three worlds. Claudia Tiedemann discovered the third origin world, and that the two worlds of Adam and Eve should have never existed. She surmised that there must be a third world after realizing that her daughter Regina died in both worlds regardless of action. H.G. Tannhaus builds a time machine in 1986, to save his family from a car accident that occurred in the 1970s. Tiedemann also determined how to temporarily leave the loop through a temporal bridge.

Jonas and Martha did not exist in the origin world. However, by altering the origin world, did they simply create a new entanglement? The end of the series seems to pose that as a possibility. The lights go out for a moment during a dinner party attended by Jonas’ mother Hanna Kahnwald. This is reminiscent to the black outs seen during the series. Then Hannah states, while lovingly looking at her pregnant belly, that she has always loved the name Jonas. This somewhat suggests that the loop can never truly be undone. Another perspective could be that perhaps Jonah will finally get a chance at a “normal” life.

Jonas And Mirror Martha’s Child?

Why did the child never receive a name? Eve fought viciously to preserve the loop so that the child would exist, yet she did not even give her child a name. Even logistically that seemed problematic. Secondly, why did the child travel as a threesome of child, adult and elder selves? There never appeared to be a true advantage as the adult version could have completed all of the tasks.

Wöller’s Eye?

This trivial detail was probably answered tongue and cheekily by the show creators. His scarred face was prominently frequently featured throughout the series. He began to explain the event, only to be interrupted by lightening.

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