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League of Legends Week 7 | LCS Summer Split (2020)

Hard to believe week 7 of the League of Legends LCS summer split is over. Olaf is as strong as ever, there are two teams now tied for first, and two teams are tied for fifth place. TSM won both their games, and Immortals have now lost 11 games this split. There’s lots more to cover, so lets get into it.

Cloud 9 vs Team Liquid

The top two LCS teams faced off. Team Liquid traditionally drafts a more standard composition, where as Cloud 9 continually looks to express themselves with diverse line ups. This game was certainly no exception. Cloud 9 drafted a and interesting composition against Team Liquid with Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer running Sett in the mid lane. C9 also ran a Sona – Lux, double shield bottom lane, and Liquid countered with a Blitzcrank. With Trundle in the jungle accompanied with Blitzcrank and Syndra meant that Team Liquid had a lot of pick potential vs Cloud 9. Conversely, Cloud 9 built a strong shield dive comp, meant to attack the Liquid carries while healing and shielding the rest of the squad.

The match itself was fantastic. The first gank attempt by Team Liquid was quickly thwarted by teleport by Eric “Licorice” Ritchie’s Shen. With some great timing, they get the first kill on the roaming TL support. Cloud 9 continued the onslaught with their own gank on the midlane, with Nisqy securing the kill on TL Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen. The game looked like it was in Cloud 9’s hands, as every engage by Team Liquid was successfully countered. It was after C9 lost a team-fight after securing the third dragon, the game seemed to begin to turn. CoreJJ landed a critical hook on C9 Zven which led to a Team Liquid Baron. After getting the baron, Team Liquid was able to push lanes with impunity as C9’s had abysmal wave clear. After one last stand, Team Liquid secured the win against Cloud 9, and tied for first place.

What was really interesting was how Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in’s Blitzcrank ult would completely nullify Sett’s ability to use his shield, again proving why he is the leagues top support. Massive props to the Team Liquid bot lane, as they played an incredible game.

Team Dignitas vs Evil Geniuses

9th place Team Dignitas found a way to upset 5th place Evil Geniuses. At 7:34 into the game, a 4v4 took place in the topside river. Evil Geniuses’ mid laner Gregory “Goldenglue” Gilmer secured a first blood over Golden Guardians’ Fenix. After an extended fight, Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen also got a kill over Johsua “Dardoch” Hartnett. So far, it appeared to be a great start for EG. Yet, 30 seconds later the AD carry for the EG squad was out of position and died for free in the bottom lane. Nevertheless, before 10 minutes EG was up a tower, two kills, and 2000 gold.

EG was never able to extend the lead due to several fights outside their zone of control. It was so strange to see EG wander into the enemy jungle repeatedly without any vision, just immediately eat hook from GG’s Blitzcrank. Dardoch, really carried the game after smashing a team fight in the bottom lane, and then securing the Baron for Team Dignitas. After one more delayed ace for Dignitas, they secured the upset win in just under 34 minutes.

Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming has not won a single game in the last few weeks, with their last win coming in week 5. With a record of 5W-9L, the CLG squad will need to find wins if maintain a lead over 100 Thieves and Team Dignitas to keep their playoff dreams alive. Fortunately for CLG, the bottom two teams have looked abysmal. However, Dignitas did take a game off of EG. If CLG continues down this trajectory, they may be foreced to think about the LCS Spring Split 2021.

Final Standings – Week 7




Team Liquid
Evil Geniuses
Golden Guardians
Counter Logic Gaming
100 Thieves
Team Dignitas



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