Posted on: July 27, 2020 Posted by: Darren Belgrave Comments: 0
Mario 64 Once Had Luigi

Super Mario 64 (SM64) is one of the most cherished Mario games within the gaming community. Not only was it the first Mario game in 3D, but it also was the first time Princess toadstool was called Peach in the West. Aside from incredible graphics at the time, SM64 also featured a ride-able Yoshi, triple-jumping and diving.

There was a recently leak of Super Mario 64’s source code. The Star Statue in Super Mario reads “L is Real 2401.” This led many loyal Mario fans to believe that Luigi was somewhere hidden in the game. Well 24 years and 1 month later, fans finally learn that Luigi was in an earlier version called “Ultra 64 Mario Brothers.”

Several other interesting things came from the massive Nintendo leak. As displayed below, images demonstrating the evolution of Yoshi were revealed as well.

Twitter user @OKeijiDragon tweeted “An actual unused character graphic asset of Luigi giving the player the middle finger that found within the source files for Super Mario World dated 1989.

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