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Washington Temporarily Renames Team To The 'Washington Football Team'

Hilarious, well the only thing they will offend now is taste. What an awful name for a professional NFL team. This was the end result after weeks of planning. This is not the final name for the team, however the temporary name does not bode well for the Washington organization.

LeBron James’ reaction said everything as he tweeted, “Just walking back up from my pregame nap to see about The Washington Football team??? Is that real?? No way! Oh man they had a thorough intense long board meeting about that one huh.

On July 13th, the organization had announced that they would be changing their name from the ‘Washington Redskins’. Washington, D.C.’s NFL team announced plans to change their team name from the Washington “Redskins.” This news is following a comprehensive review that began on July 3rd. The 87 year old name name has been viewed as a derogatory term toward First Nations peoples. This transition will most likely be gradual, as the franchise has not finalized the new name. The Washington Post reported the news and indicated that the ideal new name trapped in a trademark dispute.

The team colors remain burgundy and gold while the Redskin logo will be replaced with a gold player number.

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