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We Want The Cops Arrested LeBron James on Breonna Taylor's Murder

Even though the NBA has started back, LeBron James is still laser focused on using his platform for good. After a scrimmage vs the Mavericks in the NBA ‘Bubble’ James took the opportunity to speak on the ongoing pursuit of justice for Breonna Taylor.

Breonna Taylor, was a 26 year old black woman, who was murdered by Louisville Metro Police in her own home. On March 13th, the officers executed what is known as a ‘no-knock’ search warrant. They were looking for two individuals who were not at her place of residence. Instead, the officers executed a young woman when they shot her eight times. No drugs were found on the premises.

“We want the cops arrested who committed that crime,” James said. “As one of the leaders in this league, I want her family to know and I want the state of Kentucky to know, that we feel for her and we want justice. That’s what it’s all about. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. This is a wrong situation that’s going on in my eyes.”

“The cops weren’t even at the right place,” James continued. “They just knocked down the wrong door and started doing what they do at that point in time, and that’s just shooting away. That’s just not okay.”

The death of Breonna Taylor was just another tragedy among many. Black innocents have been murdered by police officers in the United States since the country’s inception. Taylor has been a symbol in the global protests that started in this year in response to systemic injustice and racist police violence in America.

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