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Why Patrick Mahomes 503 Million Contract Was Good for The Chiefs

Damn, rap artists are already figuring out what rhymes with Patrick Mahomes. Superbowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes just signed 12 year deal (10 year extension), that could end up being worth $503 million. 503 million is a lot of millions. 141 million of the contract is guaranteed, with a contract that should average over 45 million per year. Patrick Mahomes is making that Wolf of Wall Street Money. However, the real question is, was it a good deal for the Chiefs?

The length of the deal and the amount of money involved is staggering at first. However, we think that it was a great deal for Kansas and Mahomes, so lets break it down. He is the youngest quarterback at 24 years of age to win a Super Bowl and the Superbowl MPV. Not enough, that’s fair, because In 3 years, Mahomes has thrown more touchdown passes than any other homegrown quarterback in the Chiefs history. The quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs was the 10th overall pick in 2017. Mahomes then went on to throw 75 touchdown passes in 30 games, which is faster than any other player in history. In 2019, Patrick also passed and rushed for 12 touchdowns in the post season. That was also the most in NFL history. Lets not stop there. Not only did he boast the most down field passes at 22, he also has scrambled for more yards and more first downs than any quarterback in the NFL last season. Also, the deal did not break the bank. The percentage of guaranteed money to the overall contract is actually rather low at 31%. The deal also does not scale with the organizations salary cap. This is a team friendly deal that allows the Kansas City Chiefs to have flexibility within the salary cap.

Lastly, there are a lot of intangibles that the Kansas City Chiefs organization must see in Patrick Mahomes. They believe that he is committed to growing the Kansas City into a dynasty. To create a dynasty, the marquee players must be invested in the vision. In order to have invested star players, an organization must be willing to invest in them. That is what the Chiefs did with Patrick Mahomes, and it was a great decision.

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