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Derek Brunson vs Edmen Shahbazyan UFC Vegas 5 Recap

Derek Brunson vs Edmen Shahbazyan

Groin kicks and eye pokes aside, UFC Vegas 5 was a pretty solid night of fights. Derek Brunson defeated Edmen Shahbazyan via 3rd round TKO. After a short feeling out period, both fighters began to trade with power. Brunson secured a take down and ate a few rough shots when returning back to his feet. Both fighters continued to land with power, however it seemed that the strikes from Shahbazyan were affecting Brunson. Brunson continued to land short elbows. Brunson landed another take down but ate a hard knee on the way in. Brunson landed a knee of his own, as Edmen continued his stalking of Brunson. Shahbazyan landed a large body kick at the beginning of the second round. Brunson scored a take down and a hard shot when returning to his feet. After eating an eye poke, Shahbazyan landed another huge body kick and a right hand. Brunson returned power shots of his own. Brunson landed massive ground and pound and Shahbazyan looked exhausted and was pouring blood. Third round ended quickly with Herb Dean calling the fight after Brunson quickly took Edmen down and began to land bombs.

Awesome fight overall. It was great to see Brunson perform so well. Edmen had a strong first round, and showed with time and maturity, he will be a terror for the middleweight division.

Joanne Calderwood vs Jennifer Maia

Jennifer Maia defeated Joanne Calderwood via first round arm bar. Maia instantly had the striking advantage, and before long Calderwood was looking for the take-down. Once on the ground, Maia sunk in a text book arm bar from guard, and before long the fight was over.

After the fight Champion Valentina Shevchenko tweeted at “See you soon” to the happy Brazilian victor.

Vicente Luque vs Randy Brown

Vicente Luque defeated Randy Brown via TKO in the second round. That was Vicente’s eight fight inside the octagon in just 26 months. He is also now third for most stoppages in UFC welterweight history with 11, only behind Matt Hughes (12) and Matt Brown (13).

Both fighters started of trading leg kicks. The leg kicks by Vicente Luque began to add up against Randy Brown. Luque then found a clean shot and dropped Brown. Luque appeared to be comfortable on standing as he let Brown up to his feet. The leg kicks against Brown continued and began to reduce his movement. After eating another left, Randy tied up Luque with a body lock. Second round featured the 9th nut-shot for this fight card. After Brown recovered, more of the same continued. Luque eventually sat Brown down with a kick to the lead leg. Brown landed some good knees and a spinning elbows as Brown began to advance. Brown landed a great take down with a minute left in the second round, but Luque got right back to his feet. Luque landed a massive knee and after a few follow up punches it was all over.

Luque held Brown up so he could not enter the down position, which demonstrated incredible fight IQ. Absolute respect to Brown for surviving the onslaught of leg kicks.

Lando Vannata vs Bobby Green 2

What a great fight. Bobby Green defeated Lando Vannata via unanimous decision. After a win over Clay Guida in June, Green has won 2 straight fights for the summer of 2020.

They were trading heat and trash talk from the beginning. Both fighters dropped one another in the first round, and quickly recovered to continue the war. Green continued his trash talking Vannata while fighting with his hands down in the second round. Green scored a take-down bad proceeded to work in the guard, though Lando was able to kick out and get back to his feet. Vannata scored his own takedown later in the round, but Green quickly got back to his feat. Lando landed a great punch to start the third round. Then Green landed a massive knee and then a knock down via punch. Green postured up and unleashed elbows and punches against his opponent. Vannata used a heel hook attempt to escape the position and return to his feet. Bobby ended up on top again for the third time after a failed guillotine attempt by Vannata.

The story of the fight was simply the speed and volume brought by Bobby Green. It was similar to the first fight in that Green would counter the jab of Vannata and then produce more combinations each round.

Kevin Holland vs Trevin Giles

Unfortunately before the fight started Trevin Giles fainted before beginning his walkout. The commission could not allow him to fight in good conscience, despite him and his corner wishes to continue. Giles was transported to the hospital for observation. As reported by Kevin Iole, Ed Herman was offered Holland as his fight was cancelled. However, Herman was upset and got on a plane instead. Perhaps they will reschedule this fight for a future date.

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