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League of Legends Golden Guardians Smash TSM 3-0

The story of the series was most certainly Bot Gap.

In a best of 5 League of Legends match, Golden Guardians smashed TSM 3-0. TSM still have a chance at worlds, however this certainly was not the outcome that most analysts predicted.

For some reason, TSM lost their nexus while trying to secure Dragon Soul, resulting in two of their loses. Doublelift was so tilted, that during the third match he forgot to purchase an item while teleporting back to lane. However, the GG AD carry FBI and his support Huhi demolished the Team Solo Mid bot lane for the majority of the series. FBI was awarded the player of the series for his dominant performance. Ironically, Golden Guardians had tried to get Doublelift onto their roster before the summer split began.

The rest of the Golden Guardians stepped up as well. GG mid laner Damonte played team fights very well, especially in games 2 and 3. He also held his own in lane against Bjergsen for the most of the series. Top laner Hauntzer also looked extremely dominant in each of the three games.

Besides the subpar play from TSM, their draft in game 3 was strange as well. For what was potentially the series match,TSM gave Jungler Spica a carry and gave tank set to Bjergsen. Why give your strongest performing member, and world class carry a tank for the final match. Absolutely bizarre League of Legends from TSM today.


Esports reporter, Jacob Wolf tweeted that, “Golden Guardians was one of the teams wanting to sign Doublelift when he was exiting Liquid. He didn’t really give them a lot of thought. In hindsight, maybe he should’ve…”

Former pro player SaintVicious tweeted, ” Havnt watched LCS ina while. Doublelift is looking really good playing for golden guardians.”

Founding CEO of esports giant G2, Ocelote tweeted, “TSM is fantastic. Just need to work on communication, map awareness, skillshots,economy management, macro, positioning, teamfighting, item building, managing tempo, rotations and getting a kill.”

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