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League of Legends Week 8 LCS Summer Split (2020)

Week 8 of the League of Legends LCS summer split has came and went. Only two games left of regular season play for every team before playoffs. Cloud 9 lost two games for the first time this split, CLG has lost six games straight, and Team Liquid has claimed first place. There is lots to cover so lets get into it.

Counter Logic Gaming’s Skid Continues

As discussed in our LCS week 7 breakdown, CLG has had a rough second half to this summer split. Unfortunately, it appears that the trend will continue as they lost another two games over the weekend. This makes six straight losses for the Madison Square Garden owned esports team. Even last place Immortals managed to pick up one win. At 5W-11L, CLG is now only one win above Dignitas and Immortals which does not bode well for the organizations playoff hopes. Sadly, the one of the most glaring problems with the team, is that every lane loses. This coupled with zero apparent synergy between the players, makes for an abysmal prospective future.

Cloud 9 Plummets To Earth

Cloud 9 had their first 0-2 week this split. Unique drafts like Wukong bot have not helped the once unstoppable C9 squad. In their day 3 game versus TSM, TSM ran a standard but effective composition. C9 ran an Ashe/Karma botlane which continued to push in the TSM botlane. Sergen “Broken Blade” Celik was able to run Irelia into Eric “Licorice” Ritchie’s Kennen which ultimately yielded a first blood claimed by Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg. After an aggressive rift herald call, C9 collapsed on the objective and punished TSM claiming two kills for their efforts. The game continued to be an even back and forth scrap. As the game continued to progress, the strength between Broken Blade’s Irelia and Bjergsen’s Twisted Fate proved to be to strong against the Cloud 9 composition. After a dominant team fight at the dragon, TSM was able quickly take the Baron. From there, it was pretty much all Team Solo Mid. TSM proceeded to claim victory, with just under 32 minutes to spare.

It is unclear exactly what is happening at C9. Perhaps it is a combination between the top teams catching up and Cloud 9 slumping. Nevertheless, it is difficult to count the C9 organization out, as they have been a top team since they have entered the LCS.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is now solidly in first place, with a two game lead over second place TSM and Cloud 9. Honestly, there is no point going over their games as they smashed the two bottom teams in the league. It is great to see TL playing as well as they are, and hopefully they will carry the momentum into playoffs and then worlds.

Final Standings – Week 8




Team Liquid
Cloud 9
Golden Guardians
Evil Geniuses
100 Thieves
Counter Logic Gaming
Team Dignitas



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