Posted on: August 18, 2020 Posted by: Darren Belgrave Comments: 0
Oculus Now Requires A Facebook Profile

Virtual reality targeted adds coming to a device near you.

In a move that is unlikely to be popular with Oculus users, Oculus accounts will soon require users to sign up with a Facebook account. The virtual reality (VR) device will work without a Facebook profile until January 1st 2023. Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014. The VR device will most likely see further integration with the social media platform as future integrations are inevitable announced. This is further demonstrated as newer devices will require the use of a Facebook login. This was articulated in Facebook’s statement that read, “All future unreleased Oculus devices.” Perhaps, this feature will coincide with the rumored “Oculus Quest.”

The integration between Facebook and Oculus will provide both general users and content creators with unique social media opportunities. However, it also means that Facebook will have even more significant data points on its user base.

Below is a video demonstrating some of the features included with the Oculus Rift.

Oculus Connect 6 VR event in 12 minutes

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