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President Trump Exclusive Interview By AXIOS On HBO

An interview was released on Monday featuring Axios National Political Correspondent Jonathan Swan, as he spoke to President Donald Trump. This was an incredibly damning interview, where Trump displayed how utterly unequipped he was in his ability to explain his administration’s efforts against coronavirus.

He hopelessly fumbled every single one of Jonathan Swan’s question. Unlike the interviews Trump is used to, Swan actually forced Trump to explain his random inaccurate statements. Being forced to answer a fact based argument was not a benificial scenario for the President. It is actually a bit shocking that his advisors would have allowed this interview in the first place.

AXIOS on HBO: President Trump Exclusive Interview (Full Episode) | HBO

Trump On Coronavirus

The coronavirus discussion began with the campaign rally Trump held in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the pandemic. During their conversation regarding the coronavirus, trump attempted to explain how he did not have a testing, for a disease that did not exist. Trump also stated that in “Numerous categories the [United States] is lower than the world.” As if this statement means anything. Jonathan continued to articulate how there is currently a 1000 deaths a day due to Covid-19, and 60,000 Americans are in the hospital.

At one point, Trump triumphantly produced a few graphs with the belief that they would prove the exemplary job he has done in regards to the virus. Instead however, the exchange went more like this. After reading the data Swan states that the information Trump provided is the deaths related to the number of cases, not by deaths as a percentage of the population. Which is a significantly more pertinent and informative data point for comparison.

Trump said, “You can’t do that?”

Swan immediately asked, “Why can’t I do that?”

Then without a rebuttal, Trump continued to fumble with his useless sheets of paper. One of the most incredible parts of this interview is an exchange regarding deaths in the United States.

Trump expressed that “One [death] is too many.”

Swan replied that, “A thousand people are dying a day.”

Unimaginably Trump then said “They are dying, it’s true. It is what it is.”

Russia Supplying Afgahnistan

Trump stated that he was unaware that Russia was supplying Afghanistan with weapons. This is despite the statements made on the record by his former head of forces in Afghanistan John William Nicholson Jr., which Swan reminded Trump about during the question. Instead Trump reminded us that Russia used to be the Soviet Union. Swan also called Trump out on the fact that there are still over 8,000 American troops in Afghanistan.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Another bizarre part of this interview was in regards to Ghislaine Maxwell. Trump also doubled down on wishing alleged child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell well. Trump was photographed along side Maxwell and deceased child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.


Trump said that he had not had anyone from BLM ask to speak with him. This might actually be true statement. In one of the few decent parts in the interview, Donald Trump stated that the “Knee on the neck,” (referring to the murder of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin), was a “Disgrace.” He also said was unacceptable that Black men are 2 1/2 times more likely to be killed by police in the United States than their Caucasian counterparts. Of course however, Trump’s actions throughout his presidency have done nothing to help change these statistics for the better.

Trump also claimed that he did more for Black people than any other President besides ‘maybe’ Abraham Lincoln. Swan thankfully pressed him on this obviously inaccurate statement saying, “You believe you did more than Lyndon Johnson, who passed the Civil Rights Act?”

John Lewis

When asked how history will remember the recently diseased John Lewis Trump responded in the only way his narcissism would allow. “I don’t know… I don’t know John Lewis. He chose not to come to my inauguration.” If this interview was not real life, it would have a great moment in political comedy.

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