Posted on: August 27, 2020 Posted by: Darren Belgrave Comments: 0
'The Batman' Trailer Looks Awesome

The Batman trailer was released and it looks stylish, dark and just bad ass. The star studded lineup includes; Robert Pattinson as Batman, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as Riddler, Colin Farrel as Penguin, and Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon.

The trailer was released during the DC FanDome, and it has fans all over excited! The opening scene alone is intriguing. A masked individual is shown to be covering his victim’s head in duct tape with the words, “No more lies” written across the taped face. Several pivotal characters like Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon are shown throughout the trailer. The bat suit looks incredible. It is sleek and fits the general aesthetic of the world depicted in the trailer.

The movie is apparently only 25% completed, so hopefully this is just the tip of the awesomeness iceberg. Check out the amazing trailer below! First looks at the artwork for the movie can be seen here.

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