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The League of Legends LCS summer championships has ended and TSM has won its 7th LCS title. TSM defeated FlyQuest in 5 games and earned its first LCS title since 2017. The winning starting line up for TSM featured Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik (Top), Mingyi “Spica” Lu (Jungle), Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg (Mid), Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng (Bot), and Vincent “Biofrost” Wang (Support). The three North American representatives for worlds are TSM as our first seed, Team Liquid as our second-place team, and FlyQuest as our third.

2020 LCS Summer Split Awards

All-Pro Line-UP

This is the 1st LCS All-Pro Team line up for 2020. Three players from Cloud9 made the all pro team, which is ironic as C9 did not make worlds this year. North America’s starting line consists of C9 Licorice (102 points) in the top lane, C9 Blaber (115 points) in the jungle, TSM Bjergsen (115 points) in the mid lane, C9 Zven (104 points) at AD carry, and TL Core JJ (137 points) at support.

Coaching Staff Of The Split

Former shout-caster and new head coach Joshua ‘Jatt’ Leesman led the Team Liquid coaching staff to the first place nomination with 121 points. The coaching staff of Cloud 9 was given the second place nomination, and Golden Guardians in third.

Rookie Of The Year

The rookie of the year award was given to the Team Liquid AD carry Tactical. Tactical replaced Doublelift after the infamous AD carry left Team Liquid for TSM. Tactical however continued to be a strong player and one of the best performers in his role for the summer LCS split.

Honda Most Valuable Player

Team Liquid support, Jo ‘CoreJJ’ Yong-in was the 2020 LCS Summer Split Honda Most Valuable Player. Despite having to work with more than one AD carry, he continued to demonstrate that he is not only the best support in North America, but the league’s most valuable player.

The 2020 Worlds Group Draw is on September 15th.

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