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Bjergsen Retires And Becomes The New TSM Head Coach

An end of an Era for the LCS.

Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg has retired after competing as the star midlaner for TSM’s League of Legends team for 8 seasons. Bjergsen changed the LCS landscape when he arrived in North America. The beginnings of his professional career were humble. In 2013, he led a struggling European team in the Copenhagen Wolves. Though they were in last place, Bjergsen’s talent for the game was undeniable. He was the second European player to be imported to an LCS team. After smashing the homegrown crop of LCS midlaners, he preceded to become a 4 times season MVP, as well as lead TSM to 6 times LCS championships.

However, fortunately for fans of the 4 times All-Star midlaner, Bjergsen is neither done with the game nor the storied organization. It was also announced that Bjergsen will become the head coach for TSM. Not only will he bring veteran leadership and years of experience to the role, but perhaps it will allow the organization to have a fresh identity with a new player in the midlane. It certainly will be interesting to see how one of the most dominant players in North American League of Legends transitions to the next phase of his professional esports career.

TSM Announced Via Twitter the news this morning.

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