Kamala Harris Selected As Biden Vice President
By: Darren Belgrave | August 12, 2020
Former Vice President, and Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden, finally announced his VP pick. Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was named has his running mate on Tuesday. Biden stated that she is the best equipped candidate to help defeat President Donald Trump, and lead the country through racial polarization, the coronavirus...
President Trump Exclusive Interview By AXIOS On HBO
By: Darren Belgrave | August 5, 2020
An interview was released on Monday featuring Axios National Political Correspondent Jonathan Swan, as he spoke to President Donald Trump. This was an incredibly damning interview, where Trump displayed how utterly unequipped he was in his ability to explain his administration's efforts against coronavirus. He hopelessly fumbled every single one...


We Want The Cops Arrested LeBron James on Breonna Taylor's Murder
By: Darren Belgrave | July 24, 2020
Even though the NBA has started back, LeBron James is still laser focused on using his platform for good. After a scrimmage vs the Mavericks in the NBA 'Bubble' James took the opportunity to speak on the ongoing pursuit of justice for Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor, was a 26 year...