5 Fights That We Never Got To See In MMA
By: Darren Belgrave | October 27, 2020
With the dust settling after UFC 254 and the retirement of Khabib Nurmagomedov, one can not help but think about all the great Khabib matchups that we will likely never see. Unlike in the sport of boxing, MMA has fortunately managed to make many of the dream fights happen when...


Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell
By: Darren Belgrave | July 29, 2020
Boxing has another exciting lightweight bout to look forward too. Ryan 'Kingry' Garcia and Luke Campbell have agreed to an interim title fight. Both Garcia's and Campbell's promoters will have until the end of July to agree to the deal's terms. The winner of the match will earn a title...


We Want The Cops Arrested LeBron James on Breonna Taylor's Murder
By: Darren Belgrave | July 24, 2020
Even though the NBA has started back, LeBron James is still laser focused on using his platform for good. After a scrimmage vs the Mavericks in the NBA 'Bubble' James took the opportunity to speak on the ongoing pursuit of justice for Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor, was a 26 year...


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Purchases the XFL For $15 Million
By: Darren Belgrave | August 3, 2020
This is like a real life episode of Ballers. Dwayne 'The Rock'Johnson and his investment firm RedBird Capital bought the XFL for $15 million. The purchase was made just hours before the league was ready to be auctioned. As the league was previously owned by Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation...